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Imagine a luxury experience that combined the very best of land, air and sea that New Zealand has to offer. Kyria Warren had a vision of luxury travel experiences for the discerning traveller, and Luxury LAS was born.

Whether you’re a domestic traveller, international traveller, private customer or corporate client – Luxury LAS can work with you one-on-one to create your ideal experience. Journey to some of New Zealand’s most sought-after locations with your own private pilot, or get set for a private ocean voyage aboard one of our luxurious sea vessels. Let our team take care of all your special details from transfers to private hosts, captains, crew, caterers, private assistants, childcare and fitness.

We pride ourselves in representing some of the most sought-after private residences and estates, as well as luxury hotels and resort accommodation in New Zealand. Our Luxury LAS team are all experienced professionals in the travel and luxury space, and have a passion for executing experiences that cater for all of your travel needs, great or small.

Dare to dream of your ultimate experience and our Luxury LAS team will create something uniquely you.

Meet our team

Kyria Warren
Big Kahuna

Kyria has boasted a longstanding career working with luxury brands and luxury travel. Kyria successfully managed Cruisetime, which entails designing customised cruises and travel packages for her high-end clientele. Her initial experience took her to event organising - parties, weddings and charity fundraisers. After this, she started a successful boutique Bed and Breakfast in Ponsonby in the high-end Luxury part of the Market.

She gained valuable experience working in customer services, executive sales roles and leading teams as a Sales Manager, which provided a strong foundation for her move into the luxury travel and cruise industry.

Connecting people is what Kyria does naturally. Her passion is understanding their needs and working with them to create amazing experiences. She is passionate about developing long-lasting relationships and having fun along the way. She has enjoyed putting together the dream team at Luxury LAS


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Kelly Kemp

Kelly is a planning extraordinaire with 18 years’ experience working in administration, operations, projects and as a high-level support person for executives. She has a knack for streamlining systems and developing processes - skills that she has utilised to ensure that booking with Luxury LAS is a seamless experience. She has worked across a wide spectrum of industries including innovation, investment, property, superyachts and luxury travel.

Her passion for travel stemmed from an early age with roles that took her to Brisbane, London, The Med and beyond. Kelly’s mantra is to lead with integrity and deliver a quality service with discretion to her valued, high-level clientele.


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